When a girl has had sexual relations with you OR more than one of your friends.
Yooo I heard you and Rachel did it.

friend: She a slut yo, she smashed the homies. She did me, Ron, Day Day, and that dude we sit next to in class. She get around like 2Pac in the 90's
#freak #jumpoff #slut #hoe #jump judy
by Big-Liek March 03, 2010
Top Definition
to gain carnal knowledge of someones friend or group of friends
james: so are you gonna get with debra?
todd: NO WAY! that girl smashed the homies
james: its cool man, i just got tested the other day and im still clean.
#whorish #loose #getaroundjane #nutdrainer #skeezer
by irreverentalsharptongue May 01, 2009
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