Top Definition
leave, leave in a hurry
"Man, he just smashed out."
by farns June 06, 2005
Verb phrase: To have angry or disrespectful sex with a woman in the doggy position.
"Smash out" in use...

Bob: That Paris Hilton really gets up my arse.

Bill: You'd smash it out though wouldn't you.

Bob: Oh yeah, I'd smash it out.
by G777G January 06, 2010
To have familiar relations with, usually sex.
If you're going to smash out with that skank, wear a condom.
by BigIrish June 24, 2006
To Smash Out is to party till the party is OVER... to be so damn trashed that you spent the night SMASHING OUT. The Smash Out originated 4 thousand years ago, but remains alive in Miami where the SMASH hosts SMASH HOUSE parties every week.
Tonight is that party at Voyage... Im going to SMASH OUT.
by BZSMASHED February 27, 2009
to fuck somebody up
"we just lookin for some dudes to smash out"
by Joka January 24, 2004
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