To have sex with someone and then leave immediately after you have climaxed
"Man i'm finna smash and dash this girl tonite"
by k.smoove January 01, 2010
Top Definition
When someone uses the bathroom at a place of business to take a shit without buying anything. It is often accompanied by weak attempts masquerade as a paying customer, followed by a quick exit from the building.
On the way back from camping, I had to pull a smash and dash at the Taco Bell. It was the only place around for miles.
by alunimumbat February 21, 2011
To have sex with an individual, and then after said intercourse, escape at the earliest convenience with/without the consent/knowledge of your partner.
The chicks fine, but I think she has Pica. Smash-And-Dash for sure bro!
by TheKingNick December 14, 2010
To go to a party just to smash some chicks and leave.
I went to the girls party just so I could have sex with some other girls and dip right after. I did a smash and dash
by acchill April 06, 2015
When you have casual sex with a counterpart and then never talk to him/ her again.
Friend 1 "Did you hit it?"
Friend 2 "Yeah bro, but it was a smash and dash"
by CutTheCreditCard March 25, 2016
to have sex with someone then leave soon after .sometimes to never see them again, nature of "1 night stand"
whats up bro? im about to smash and dash this gal, I just meet at the club.
by boski October 12, 2006
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