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3 definitions by alunimumbat

Used as a substitute for the word "awesome," or for expressing the perception of excellence.
by alunimumbat June 27, 2010
When someone uses the bathroom at a place of business to take a shit without buying anything. It is often accompanied by weak attempts masquerade as a paying customer, followed by a quick exit from the building.
On the way back from camping, I had to pull a smash and dash at the Taco Bell. It was the only place around for miles.
by alunimumbat February 21, 2011
A mixture of bodily fluids used by prison inmates to hurl at victims, consisting of saliva, blood, semen, and feces, or any combination thereof.
The prison guard was put on medical leave after having a prison cocktail thrown in his face.
by alunimumbat October 17, 2010