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to have sex with someone then leave soon after .sometimes to never see them again, nature of "1 night stand"
whats up bro? im about to smash and dash this gal, I just meet at the club.
by boski October 12, 2006
82 128
When someone uses the bathroom at a place of business to take a shit without buying anything. It is often accompanied by weak attempts masquerade as a paying customer, followed by a quick exit from the building.
On the way back from camping, I had to pull a smash and dash at the Taco Bell. It was the only place around for miles.
by alunimumbat February 21, 2011
131 47
TO have sex with a girl and then leave immediately

Dude, I pulled a smash and dash, on Veronica yesterday.
by jmack05 February 11, 2006
162 119
To have sex with an individual, and then after said intercourse, escape at the earliest convenience with/without the consent/knowledge of your partner.
The chicks fine, but I think she has Pica. Smash-And-Dash for sure bro!
by TheKingNick December 14, 2010
8 2
To have sex with someone and then leave immediately after you have climaxed
"Man i'm finna smash and dash this girl tonite"
by k.smoove January 01, 2010
46 103