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the use of the phrase "smartie bar" over textual message, almost like a sweet nothing whispered into one's ear. both seductive and enticing, its the ulitimate way to hook yourself up with a bomb sophomore. only used while strongly under the influence of alcohol.
"no, tell me the cross streets so i can get a better idea. gosh, you smartie bar."
by Parsnipey. October 27, 2008
the sweet nothing that one may whisper over textual message, while stronly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
"oh you so silly, hit me with another cross street smartie bar."
by Kinsey-Loo October 27, 2008
the phrase that is whispered by naughty older boys to bomb younger girls through textual message. a self-respecting male, or one desperate to spit raw game may only use this while under the strong influence of alcohol or ghb.
"naw, the cross streets. i need some help out. mmk, smartie bar? ;D"
by Kins-Loo October 27, 2008

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