(SM-AR-T-ASS-ER-IE) The use of verbal degradation, humiliation, sarcasm, or witty insults in a playful manner.
I'm tired of falling victim to your smartassery" "Shut up, you love it, you're just jealous because all you have is dumbassery
by Ellekc December 07, 2010
Top Definition
The activity of behaving like a smartass.
Please cease and desist from all your smartassery.
by Dtcamero May 15, 2005
Adverb: The art of being a smartass
Blaine was given a certificate of achievement for his Smartassery.
by Blaine Lewis January 10, 2008
The vocabulary used to speak with consistent witicisms in a pretentious manner with intent of creating humor at the expense of the blissfully unaware.
Meg and I argued with fervent smart assery when Jacob contested the theory of evolution.
by Virginia Plath March 08, 2009
The state of being a smart ass.
Smartassery is a required by all contributors when adding new words to the Urban Dictionary.
by SmartAssery June 15, 2012
Defines the fine art in being a smartass.
When people say or do something stupid I am always on my toes with something full of snarky smartassery.
by SexyMisfit May 02, 2011
The birthplace of a smartass. Commonly a factory or some type of mill. If you know a smartass, he's probably from a smart assery.
Smartass - "I know stuff about things and I'm gonna let everybody know about it"

Other people "I wonder what smart-assery he came from...."
by JCBDC January 18, 2012
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