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The vocabulary used to speak with consistent witicisms in a pretentious manner with intent of creating humor at the expense of the blissfully unaware.
Meg and I argued with fervent smart assery when Jacob contested the theory of evolution.
by Virginia Plath March 08, 2009
The activity of behaving like a smartass.
Please cease and desist from all your smartassery.
by Dtcamero May 15, 2005
Adverb: The art of being a smartass
Blaine was given a certificate of achievement for his Smartassery.
by Blaine Lewis January 10, 2008
(SM-AR-T-ASS-ER-IE) The use of verbal degradation, humiliation, sarcasm, or witty insults in a playful manner.
I'm tired of falling victim to your smartassery" "Shut up, you love it, you're just jealous because all you have is dumbassery
by Ellekc December 07, 2010
a factory that produces smart asses
Dave was created in a smart-assery.
by bobbbbbbbbed January 18, 2012
The state of being a smart ass.
Smartassery is a required by all contributors when adding new words to the Urban Dictionary.
by SmartAssery June 15, 2012
Defines the fine art in being a smartass.
When people say or do something stupid I am always on my toes with something full of snarky smartassery.
by SexyMisfit May 02, 2011