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It's the new "snap" - (see "snap" - An expression which expresses expression.)
Oh smap! Are they performing "Rhythm Is A Dancer"?
by Howard August 23, 2004
10 68
Smap refers to the act of spamming an internet forum without the intent to be annoying. Rather it is done for comic relief and to chase away forum trolls.

The word was first used during a drunken post in the JTS at the famous
Hey sensai, let's go smap up the forum.
by The Big Papaparappa April 09, 2004
193 55
Shorthand for smiled appreciatively. Should be substituted for the overused expression "lol".
John read Sara's witty email and sent responded with a note reading only, "smap".
by pameladhd317 November 20, 2012
1 0
The act of faping, only in a even louder manner. Similar to slaping your junk.
Dude, did you hear that samping?
No, i was to busy smaping myself.
by EnderFox May 15, 2012
0 0
Another name for a bra.
Smap: I'm a bra!
Boo: :O
Smap: WEAR ME! >:O
by Booisme April 26, 2008
35 35
This is the use of a strong pimp hand slap, but with only 75% of full standard pimp hand slap kinetic force. Utilized generally to make an example of but not spoil the goods by elite urban pimps
When an elite pimp smaps a girl to get her attention but also the rest of is stock, without the potential for financial loss from damaging said goods.
by Doctor Übel November 16, 2010
4 10
Sporst Music Assemble People

Japan`s most successful boy band to date.
The 5 members are also comedians and actors.
SMAP is coming out with a new single today.
by tanukisanyo May 09, 2005
35 41
Smap is a word to express pure greatness. Spam is something incredible breathtaking and super.
OMG that song is Smap!
by March 25, 2010
6 13