A guy who has "size" and "stamina" according the the gals he runs with.
"S-Man strikes again. He's doing everyone he can and the easy ones twice!"
by Devin June 19, 2006
Top Definition
Short for puss man, an extrememly wimpy dude.
I saw Steve the other day, he is such a sman.
by Ferg/Temp May 31, 2009
A metro-sexual. A man who is very concerned about the way he dresses, his hair,etc. He loves his appearance. He could also be doing all of this in an effort to impress the ladies.

Used in St.Kitts-Nevis
"Watch him nuh, he feel he look good see. He always in dem name brand shoes and clothes. He ain want to get he shoes dem dutty. Stupes, he's a real S-man see.
by Gabriella LaPlace March 29, 2007
A smen is the best mate a guy could have. The things that all smen enjoy are maths L4D and Community.
Smen 1: How does maths work
Smen 2: Like this *shows how the shit works*
Smen 1: Thanks smen
by Flippy911 May 26, 2012
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