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n. Also known pejoratively as 'cowboys" by larger city and state law enforcement agencies because of their lawless, cowboy-like behavior that they wield with impunity -that behavior is mostly attributed to a lack of minorities and real criminal activity in their districts. A "small-town cop" is essentially a geeky, nerdy white guy that would ultimately have been just another loser nobody pays attention to had he not made the proper podunk political connections in order to secure the job that could easily be defined as the ultimate suburban power trip. The local yokels in their jurisdiction kiss their asses for political clout/favors because of the considerable power in the square mile or two they patrol. They believe "the job" makes them cool by default and serves as a way to get back at the cool kids in high school that picked on them. An insanely boring job that has them feeling inferior to larger, well-known, reputable, and busy jobs. Their days consist of, extorting freebies from local businesses, siting in their patrol car spouting their job's feigned importance on Facebook, texting/driving by the houses of local wives and girlfriends of local male residents that assume he is their 'friend' in hopes of getting laid because of their uniform while their wives are clueless.. Nights are spent sitting down the block from local bars waiting for people to leave so they can get an easy DWI arrest and attempt to give their BS job some delusional sense of purpose.
Small-town cops are the biggest jerk-offs you'll ever want to meet...and they're all losers.
by sapd March 27, 2012
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