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In the game of pool, the big balls are the stripes, as opposed to the solids, which are called small balls. One can imagine that the solid-colored balls look smaller than the stripes, although they are all identical except in appearance.
Terry sank the four ball first, so he called small balls. (the four ball is a solid).
by weentard2000 August 30, 2007
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a person who generally lacks in personality and in vocabulary an has the ability to kill any conversation, often found wearing previous nites osaka t-shirts!
that small balls cunt is doin my head in
by mike smithams March 08, 2008
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u f (your self) sooooooo much your balls shrink
yo shizzle, i have small balls today
by xmafiaax April 30, 2011
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testicles the size of chick peas
Liam Nicholsons crotch
by kum pot March 25, 2003
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