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Useful in sarcasm for describing something that goes beyond expectations, is deserving of praise, or is otherwise a good thing(tm).

Opposite of large.
Usually used with prefixes such as "rather" and "particulary" to emphasise the sarcasm.

Can be used to sarcastically refer to large physical size, but not limited to this use.
Benny: Dude I think I've just scored on the lottery
Jack: Dude that would be particulary small, let me see those numbers!

Jenny: Did you see the size of that truck that passed us?
Mary: Yeah it was *rather* small.
by Yozzer August 25, 2004
In sarcasm, to refer to something as unworthwhile, lacking merit or otherwise derogatory.

Can be used with prefixes "fairly" and "particulary" for added effect.

See also: small
Bobby: Dude check this shit I can get u the latest crackz & hackz for ps2

Fred: Bobby you are fairly large
by Yozzer August 25, 2004
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