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A ridiculously overlifted truck not used for offroading. Identified by having 3' or more of clearance underneath, excessive chrome parts such as steps, grills, cattleguards, wheelwell trim, headache rack, lightbar, rims, smokestacks, a completely spotless or custom paintjob completely bereft of any dust or dirt (belying its entirely non-offroad use), offroad tires, and a trailer hitch dropdown. May also have the brand name spelled out in large decal lettering someone on the truck. Basically a large medical device used to compensate for the infintessimally small size of one's penis.
"Did you see that truck with the 5' lift kit and 30" tires? It didn't have a speck of mud on it, it must be just a small penis rig"
by bitemyshinymetalass December 23, 2009
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