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High off weed..
Damn son, last night i was ''Smacked'' like shit..
by Na3bab3z... May 14, 2009
To be under the influence if marihuana
William V loved getting smacked everyday
by Marigigood December 05, 2012
Really ugly looking person. Someone who's normal face looks like its been smacked, making them highly unattractive.
James looked over to Betty's ogre resemblance face and thought to himself.. "Man she is smacked"
*walks away*
by ilikemandy July 03, 2014
under the influence of maurijuana
Dog, I got so smacked last night!
by Lady Cougar November 18, 2003
Stella Bonasera/ Mac Taylor pairing in the TV show CSI:NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) Commonly used in fanfiction.
person one- Dude, did you see that SMACked scene from last night?
person two- Yes, and they need to get together. Now.
by kanameisawesome October 05, 2009
To be hungry and to consume a gross amount of food
" Holy shit I'm so hungry... lets get Smacked at Smackdonald's."
by SmackDonalds January 17, 2012
means the most ugly thing in the world
No don't talk to him he smacked.

Ugh..she smacked.

Hahaha..the all smacked.
by High School years June 20, 2010