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To prove someone wrong, make a fool of someone, make the person look stupid.
Warhero6381 wrote:
Graphics are subjective, so they can't be better.

Permutated wrote:
Lol, you don't know sh*t about video games. Shut the f*ck up.

Warhero6381 wrote:
Really, that's why you probably didn't know that CoD4 runs at the lowest revolution on the 360?
Ahaha, shut up kid. I'll make you look dumber then you already do.

Urban Minor wrote:
SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!! he made you look stupid!

by Urban Minor August 18, 2008
The factually accurate and brutally delivered written or verbal retort due to all smactivists.
Glenn Beck needs a serious smackdown for being a world class smacktivist.
by Nosmack August 30, 2010
You say it when you've bested someone at anything. Like if you win a card game, beat someone at a video game, or a race, etc.
*You beat someone in Fight Night Round 3*

Yeeaaah boy! SmackDown! F*ck 'outta here, you can't beat me!
by Sendo August 01, 2007
The WWE show, shown on Thursday nights, which carries the substandard WWE wrestlers. Is the competition for WWE RAW, which is the authority of WWE TV shows. Their titles are the WWE Championship, WWE Tag Team Championships, and the Cruiserweight Championship.
Damn, no wonder he's not on RAW; SmackDown's the only suitable place for his suckiness.
by Dodd December 06, 2003
The sic shit on UPN that no onther show can fuck with not even weak ass over dramatic raw.
oh shit dude Smackdown's fuck that RAW shit
by Opeth February 05, 2004
Smackdown vs RAW, a game played primarilly by horny young boys. Or at least that's what the developers believe, since many potential game modes were left out in order to have online-capable "bra and panty" matches.
"EXCUSE ME?! SOMEONE CALL NINE ONE ONE!!!! The only place you see carnage like this is on SMACKDOWN(tm)!"
When you smack, and then someone falls down.
Let's lay the smackdown
by JoshDizzle June 11, 2007