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3 definitions by Sendo

When you put food in the microwave to heat it up.
"Damn man, I'm feedin' for some french fries."
"You wanna call some chinese food?"
"Nah I got frozen ones in the freezer I'm 'bout to just nuke 'em."
by Sendo August 01, 2007
12 7
You say "pop" when you wanna say poor. It's faster and it rolls off the tongue when you're sayin' somethin'.
"Aiyo, that kid got some pop ass shoes"


"You mad pop, you can't even afford Tims"


"Shut-up you pop ass motherf*cker"
by Sendo August 01, 2007
5 2
You say it when you've bested someone at anything. Like if you win a card game, beat someone at a video game, or a race, etc.
*You beat someone in Fight Night Round 3*

Yeeaaah boy! SmackDown! F*ck 'outta here, you can't beat me!
by Sendo August 01, 2007
22 28