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"Smack A Hoe": To preform a viscious back handed smack to the face of an unruly piece of ass or otha brotha.
1. Bitch do I need to jump across this table and "Smack A Hoe"!
by Drew Collins May 31, 2006
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An ancient Indian tribe closely related to Chief Big Nuts in the mountains of North Carolina. These idians perfected the art of pimpin', sex in the ass, and smacking the shit out of your bitch to make her shut the fuck up. They were true pioneers and should be celebrated once every year on National Smackahoe Day.
"Hey sweetheart, did you know I was part Indian?".... "No, what tribe".... "I'm from the Smackahoe tribe, bitch, now lean down and give me some head."
by Stephen N April 08, 2005
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to lay the fear into the hoes!
I'm from the smackahoe tribe, i dont play...
by catman June 10, 2003
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1) The art of smacking an ass.

2) Smacking a booty in panties,a bathing suit,or naked so hard it leaves a red hand print.

3) Smacking a booty during spring break,on the dance floor,in the hallway at school,etc.

4) Smacking an ass unexpectedly as a practical joke,preferably very hard.

5) Smacking a booty with baby powder on your hand leaving a hand print that the person is unaware of.

6) People who participate in booty smacking are said to be members of the Smackahoe tribe or nation.

7) A fictional Native American tribe comprised of either ass or face smacking supporters.
Smackahoe below the waist,not on the face.

There are lots of videos and pictures on the net from youtube to social networking sites of people getting their ass smacked so hard it leaves a hand print,even t shirts and thongs called Smackahoe gear worn by self professed members of the Smackahoe tribe or nation (a play on Native American tribal names).

Males refer to themselves as Chief Smackahoe and ladies as Squaw Smackahoe.
by Chief Smackahoe March 02, 2010
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