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The act of being a slut.
Paris Hilton. Loosey.
by ix December 23, 2004
Noun: A gathering place for promiscuous females.
"Man, that night club was a total sluttery"
by pilotfox February 28, 2008
a noun comparing an attempt to randomly pick up DTF girls at a frat party to playing the lottery. Hooking up with the slutiest girl at the party is winning the sluttery
bro: Dude I hooked up with the first girl I talked to, she must have been the sluttiest girl at this party.

bro2: Definitely, you totally just won the sluttery.
by TooDrunk4Chivalry2014 December 05, 2010
Noun- When one Partakes in activites containing sexual, seductive, and scandalous actions.
Ex: "Did you see Linad all up on Chad last night? What sluttery!"
by BigButtsBigSlutts March 08, 2011