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a mildly amusing word to call someone so you will have their attention.
amie: hey slutnugget, get yer ass over here.
tom: i love when you talk dirty to me.
by scissorbot April 20, 2008
11 0
A person that will have sex with someone for McNuggets.
Jenna you fucking slut nugget bend down and suck my dick
by Nick Polizzi December 29, 2008
63 18
A term of endearment for your female friends who are sassy and sexually charged.
Hey Lynne and Emily! How are my little slut nuggets doing this morning? Get any action last night?
by buffaluv April 07, 2011
15 5
A nugget that allows itself to be eaten by various people.
At least 69 people ate from that slut nugget.
by Corrad September 26, 2005
34 27
A fiiiine bitch ass meatball from Surbiton who has no boobs or ass but likes to think she's tall.
Eg. My wife is a slutnugget.
by slutnugget February 03, 2014
2 0
Spluge that remains stuck to the pubic hair of a prostitute.
Bitch don't you shower inbetween, damn you still got a Slut Nugget.
by Dr. Cyrus May 05, 2011
4 2
It started as a nickname for my best friend, who is REALLY popular with the girls, but became a household scapegoat.

Whenever something goes wrong that you don't want to cop to, blame it on slutnugget.
*dish breaks* Slutnugget did it!


*friend annoys you* Shut up, Slutnugget.
by Madonna K. April 15, 2004
7 6