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1. a college student's christmas party and/or christmas vacation, in which the purpose is to hook up with as many girls who went to or currently go to your high school as possible, or whoever else is there.

2. a way to describe an intense sexual experience, especially during the holidays

3. sex in the hardest of forms, in which the bitch feels that she is literally being split in two
1. When Nate walked into the party, Spence immediately welcomed him to the slutcracker and directed him to the women on Santa's naughty list.

2. Jenna walked into the bedroom dressed in nothing but vicki secrets and a santa's hat, demanding slutcracker sex as her sultry voice whispered "ho-ho-ho...".

3. "I'm really sorry bro...but I slutcrackered your ex the week after you two broke up."

"Dude its totally fine, I slutcrackered your sister last night."

"Really man, what the fuck..."
by brotege22 December 23, 2011
1.) A slut that is of caucasian descent.
2.) A girl who is between the ages of 8 and 12 that is white and pretends to be a ho. See Wigger, Prostitot
1.) Look at those slutcrackers!
2.) Jessica,Britney,Christina, Avril are all slutcrackers!
by PetePimp July 24, 2006
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