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Thick mud of a wet nature, soil that has been mixed in with rain and then walked through to create slutch. Maybe a Lancashire expresion.
On going for a proper walk out and getting "slutched up to the eyeballs" meaning coming back from a country walk and being covered in mud because you have covered all gounds.
by mekapieface May 03, 2006
A girl who is both a bitch and a slut.
First she told me she wanted to break up because I had a small penis then she fucked 20 guys; what a slutch.
by JoAnn November 18, 2003
combination of slut and bitch
Angel is such a SLUTCH!!!
I can't believe how much of a slutch Angel is!!
I'm so glad I'm not a slutch like her.
by taylor and lol June 12, 2008
clutch type bag carried by girls of easy virtue, often a cheap fake copy and/or gaudy and tasteless.
"Dude I'm outta condoms and the restoom machine is broken , can you ask your girlfriend if she's got any in her slutch?"
by Fretwire August 31, 2009
The combination of a slut and a bitch.
"Oh my goodness, that girl is such a slutch."
by Zubes97 January 19, 2012
Someone who is both a slut, and a bitch at the same time. Primarily reserved for females.

More than one would result in slutches. Which I know can be found in a local bar.
Hey partner, did you get any of that fine pantymeat last night?

Nah, that slutch turned me down.
by mooseknucklehead February 14, 2010
Slag derogatory name or cuss
Noun: meaning a dirty, untidy, or slovenly womans viginal area.
Cross between Slut and Crotch.

Little is known of the origins of this word.First spoken in sweden, belive to by an english man. Rumor has it that it was created by Gaming legend 'Elisium Dammar' as a substitute for the word "cunt"
Tamora: hey, look at that girl... (points at girl)
Elisium dammar: hmm looks like a slutch to me.
by SS waffen online November 16, 2007

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