the biggest possible slut you can be
shes so slutacious I can't even believe it.

the slutacious queen was hitting on susan's boyfriend!
by tpa June 15, 2008
Top Definition
-slut-like tendencies
-can be used as an adjective or adverb
-Brooke was being slutacious, She was a slutacious whore, Kira slutaciously hit on Brian
by Samson64 June 10, 2007
a girl who gets around on guys who aren't worth getting on
My mom sure was slutacious in high school!
by Bianca Walters January 23, 2007
a reference to someone who is acting slutty.
whorey;bitchy;hoe;promiscuous behavior.
With heavy makeup and cleavage showing, Big Shit and Man Shoes looked very slutacious.
by itswilliYUMbetch December 23, 2008
Slutty and/or relating to a slut. Mainly used to sound polite in comparison to the harsher word "slutty".
"Damn, did you see that girl? She looked really slutacious in that mini skirt!"
by Berr Arnoldssen February 25, 2009
a fine female who can wear anything and look bangin. usually has a nice ass and a nice pair of boobs.can also seduce any guy into doing things with/to her.
(Guy)"Damn girl, you are slutacious!" *girl pulls guy to her and starts making out with him*
by Claire March 28, 2003
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