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all the slus from Newport
Dude, are we gonna hook up with some sluport girls tonight?
by Scottius June 10, 2005
8 0
1. Sluts from Newport Beach California. A witty combination of Slut and Newport combined into Sluport.

2. WWW.Sluport.com, This was a website which no longer exists, but when it did it portrayed a whole bunch of sluts at parties, bars, and at the beach quite drunk or on drugs in Newport, or "Sluport." It was quite hilarious and degrading.
Man I remember when I saw Natasha on Sluport sucking that guys dick. I wish they still had that site. It was the fucking shit. We gotta find a new way to degrade all these fuckings sluts in newps.
by pNEWPS January 08, 2009
8 3