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More endearing than most derogative terms for skanks. Used when you want to piss someone off and call them a name but you still love them. If they are a skank and need to be reminded sluffin probably wouldn't offend.

-God, you hooked up with that guy again... you sluffin
-I know its pathetic
by gretchen_weiners July 11, 2010
procrastinating.Taking to long.never coming through.Never being on time.Always late at showin up or accomplishing something.
Why you sluffin? I been waitin for you for you for two hours.
by teeo July 31, 2004
a combination of the words slut and muffin. a less harsh word used to call your friends slutty without offending them.
Friend 1: "OMG! I love you girl!"
Friend 2: "AH, I LOVE YOU, TOO! But sometimes you can be a real sluffin!"
Friend 1: "Yeah, I totally know. I shouldn't have hooked up with those 4 guys last night!"
by peacetea July 11, 2010
equivalent to straight fuckin up.
dawg, your sluffin
by notty_scotty June 09, 2010