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Completing a game with the intent of having the slowest possible time, often in competition with other slowrunners to have the best, slowest time. Many slowruns last several hours, days, or even weeks. Slowruns are often viewed as videos or demos.
Hey, have you beaten Myst yet?

No, I've been recording my slowrun since 1994.
by Speed Racer Jackson May 11, 2008
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A panicked split second decision a person makes at a street, cross walk, or parking lot. The person usually begins the first two feet in a hustled running motion only to precede swinging there arms in full motion as if they are running, but still moving at the speeds of a person walking.
Pedestrian: Oh no a car is coming but I have to walk across to get into Walmart! I better wait. Or should I run for it?? Time is running out I am scared.

Person in car: (gives the hand wave for pedestrian to go ahead)

Pedestrian: (Looks like a triathelete mixed with an old geezer as they slow-run the next six feet)

Person in car: (rolls down window and yells) What the hell are you doing? You are running the same speed and the person walking next to you idiot!
by mikethegreat26 February 05, 2015
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