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Looking like you have the down syndrome or other form of retardedness. This does not mean you are retarded, you just look like it. Slowfaced features include lack of defintion in face, open mouth for long periods of time, and vacant stares for extended periods of time.
"So Bro look at Charlie, he is totally slowfaced." "Yeah Bro he totally looks like he has the down syndrome."
by The Bros October 11, 2004
A straight man who gives or receives oral sex from another straight man but neither are homosexual.
"Did you know Ryan and Mark are both slow faced?"

"Mark is totally slow faced he gave Ryan a blow job on the way to his girlfriends house?"
by slowfacedatBK August 08, 2009
it means u so slow dat u got da slow look on yo face,like u lost or somethin.
you slow face a$$ idiota!
by Tenisha January 19, 2005

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