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a fan of spring awakening who is particularly enamored with hanschen/johhny b. wright! the name comes from a quote from the play in which one girl tells the others "last one to the bridge has to hold hands with hanschen!" therefore, the fans of hanschen would walk very slowly to the bridge.
fangirl: who's your fave SA character?

me: hanschen! i'm a very very slow walker :)
by March 15, 2008
one who feels thay must move 100 times slower then you do
i was trying to get to class but the slow walker was in my way
by qwertyass June 01, 2010
Someone who holds up the traffic in a hallway (especially in high school) because they are walking slower than everyone else. Studies have proven that slow walking is the cause of more than 75% of hallway fights.
A slow walker is the equivalent of someone who does 30 MPH in the left lane in a 35 MPH zone.
by gimmedatsammich April 28, 2011

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