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An insulting phrase used by inhabitants of the city of Bristol in south west England to refer to the neighbouring city of Bath. It derives from the scandal when MP Ron Davies was caught near Bath "looking for badgers" soon after being embroiled in a scandal where he had been robbed in a London park notorious for cottaging.
"Hey, Bristol beat Bath at the rugby, Bath are just slot badgers,"
by Hello It's Me February 10, 2006

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A paedophile, a nonce, a kiddy-fiddler. Lifted from Chris Morris' Brass Eye special.
Between you an' me and these four walls, Greville Janner is an unreclaimed slotbadger.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
Slang term for a paedophile
Leave that kid alone ya slot badger!
by steve December 03, 2003