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this is when youre doing two chicks at once and right before you cum, you pull out and spray it all over her love box. then she rubs it in to the other girls bearded clamand smears it everywhere as she grings it in.
"man i got those two chicks from the club last night to come home a have a sloppy syvester with me on film!"
by letthefloodswell April 23, 2004

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This happens when you're fucking a girl's ass with your fist, pull out and donkey punch her right in the face with the same hand you were fistfucking her ass with. The brown poopy streak you leave behind is the sloppy sylvester.
My wife pissed me off a couple weeks ago so I decided to give her the 'ol sloppy sylvester.
by good stufff February 24, 2009