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this is when youre doing two chicks at once and right before you cum, you pull out and spray it all over her love box. then she rubs it in to the other girls bearded clamand smears it everywhere as she grings it in.
"man i got those two chicks from the club last night to come home a have a sloppy syvester with me on film!"
by letthefloodswell April 23, 2004
first you must understand what a donkey punch is. this would be like the next step. then you must get your date VERY drunk. while doing it from the back, in whatever hole you like, your date gets really sick because of the back-and-forth motion. continue to ride it like you stole it until she says shes gonna throw up. tell her to just do it. still continue to hit it until she vomits(hopefully repeatedly). while she vomits her abdomen will clamp down on your meat and two veg like a vice. viola...fountain of youth.
"foo, i was fountian of youthin' in my moms mini-van and she got chunks all over the door!"

"i almost couldnt hold on for the full 8 seconds while i fountain of youthed with this chick last night."
by letthefloodswell April 23, 2004

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