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To ejaculate on and around the pussy... then having her sit on your face whilest rotating in a circular motion.
She gave me the sloppy mop... it's OK if it's your own.
by Beckman March 12, 2004
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When a woman's vagina has part of the lips hanging out.
Sort of like a cavern, with rocks coming out of the top.

\ /

| <-- Like this.
Bob: "Oi, charlese?"
Charlese: "Yes?"
Bob: "How old are you?"
Charlese: "Thirty Seven, Why?"
Bob: "Because you've got a sloppy mop hangin' out back here".
#vagina #ass #pussy #cunt #asshole #old #sloppy mop #penis #dick #cock #chode
by BigGayLion January 03, 2015
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