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close to a wet willy, but instead of inserting your finger in your mouth and lubricating it, you simply put it in the poohshooter, completing a 180 degree turn with your finger, simply remove finger and place in your target's hearing organ (ear).
Paul: hey bernard!
Bernard: hey paul
Paul: whatchu doing?
Bernard: putting my finger in my butt, you want a sloppy bob?
Paul: sure! what's that?
Bernard: come here and i'll show you!*
*Bernard sticks finger covered with poo in Paul's ear, Paul screams ewww!...Can i have another?
by Sloppybobtango June 02, 2009
When a girl is performing 2 simultaneous blowjobs (but one at a time in the mouth), gets both of them to the point of excitement, and allows both penises to ejactulate at the same time, then swallowing both loads together.
"Dude, he and his girl gave me a sloppy bob."
by William Nye, The Science Guy April 01, 2009