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The elusive species of kingsway cave dwellers. The slope are a slow two legged mammal with little mental capabilities and a tendency for premmature emotional attachment. A key attribute of the slope head is an long thin petrusion in the groin area, this can often be stricken with rigamortis and release a potent yellow substance when the slope becomes scared or confused. The main feature is the elongated skull structure with a suprisingly small brain chamber; the slopes physcological difficultys are thought to be linked to the lack of room for brain growth. There are many varietys of slope some varietys include a sensitive natured web toed flat top with elf like ears and a tall dark slope with a fondness for heavy music.

The slope are a rare and intriguing creature and much study is yet to be done one there origin and there future.
Mate your duppy as slope-head.
by teeps February 10, 2012
racial slur for a chinaman. see chink
1)my friend kim wang is a slopehead

2)I got owned by a slopehead in CS

3)don't worry about him man, hes just a slopehead
by thepartyboy April 09, 2005
an asian that has a big head that slopes.
"dude that guy is a slope head"

"look at emilio what a slopehead."
by Elizabeth Petty April 06, 2008
derogatory term for asian predominently vietnamese
look at them slopeheads takin all our jobs
by weghuj January 13, 2006