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Single-sideband (SSB) voice transmission by radio. A derisive term used by amateur radio operators, particularly those who prefer conventional AM (amplitude modulation). Although SSB has become the most widely used mode of transmission for two-way shortwave voice communication, its audio quality has an inferior, scratchy, tinny sound that is very unpleasant to the ear.
He used to sound very good with his old AM transmitter, but he sounds like crap now that he has switched over to slopbucket.
by AM Gangsta April 14, 2005
to haphazardly toss something into something else.
1) the rotten potato was tossed across the kitchen into the slop bucket for the hogs. It hit the rim of the bucket, nearly tipping it over and spilling it's contents onto the floor, bounced up into the air, and just managed to drop in.
by Kanel March 08, 2006
A physically unattractive woman with no class, style, and taste.
That woman is not attractive. She is a slopbucket.
by JACK FAAL January 07, 2010
Obama! Obama! Obama!
Getting the reach-around from your favorite ethnic politician.
by Barack Obama February 08, 2005
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