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a slop dog is one who gets shit faced and is very sloppy.
larua is such a slop dog

jay was slop doggin that night for sure
by kNoYeS33 September 16, 2009
13 4
1. A blowjob, especially one that is extra sloppy.

2. A sloppy person.
"Ya bro did you get dat slopdog last night from her?"

"Look at this kid's podunk-ass room; he's such a slopdog."
by The Slopper May 07, 2008
12 7
'Slopdog' is a sloppy poo, common after a big night 'on the piss' (drinking alcohol).
See also 'grog bog' or 'runny bum'
Azza - "Aw, mate... I just checked your snapchat and that was fucking disgusting."
Bazza - "Oath, mate. Had a big night on the tinnies, mate, I had some slop fall out of me aye, it was actually a bit of a 'slopdog'."
Azza - "It really was. My mother got it too, you're a cunt."
by Scottchya May 14, 2014
0 0
when being called a slop dog, you should feel put down and sloppy.
Being called a slop dog means that you are lazy and do not apply much effort.
#1. 'Get a job leighton u slop dog!'
#2.' Get your p's leighton you slop dog!'
by joel Shrobertson March 09, 2009
4 10
A really weird and perverted internet addict.
That Peevee is a slopdog!
by Emmmmerz May 03, 2008
2 8