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A slone is something that is used to describe english preps. They usually have flawless skin, achieved surpluss facial producs or genetics. Both guys and girls have soft, smooth hair; girls usualy have their hair styled into a volumous quiff with one swift hand gesture where they run their fingers through from the forehead and down to one side.
They are usually rich middle class teenagers or are in their early twenties. They wear high street brands such as TopShop and H&M but Jack Wills is a must. Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister can also be found in their wardrobes along with YSL. They are most commonly seen wearing short skirts and hoodies. They are all usually good looking and their parents host dinner parties regularly.
Most have attended private schools and will carry on their education at Cambridge, Oxford or somewhere similar.
Every year, Hunstanton is filled with slones.

Look at that cardigan on that slone guy.
#slone #sloan #prep #preppy #rich kids
by Pance January 16, 2008
A stoner who believes they're a dragon once hitting a certain level of high.
"I just went Slone bruh"
#slone: blazing #faded #high #baked #stoned #ripped
by SLONE September 05, 2014
A creepy man who doesn't stop, persistent, over aged, and clingy.
Regardless of weather the man is fat or skinny, he never stops 'creep'n' on chicks.
Slones tend to be fat and rich.
This guy was totally being a slone, i had to call the police.

Look at all those slones over there!
#slone #josh #creepy #apprentice #million
by yeahidid334 March 29, 2011
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