A word used to described non-descriptive movement or actions.
Jon - "Hey, what's up man?"
Tim - "Not much man, just slodging around."
by menmen69 April 28, 2011
Top Definition
Lodging yourself between inanimate objects and waiting for others to dislodge you. Usually done for sexual pleasure.
"Wow, Slodging ourselves into this was really hot! How do we get down?"
"We don't, we wait for someone to dislodge us!"
"But then everyone will know we've been Slodging!"
"Well, duh! That's why it's hot"
by Furglerger April 27, 2015
A term popularized and perhaps coined by the creator of the webcomic called Oglaf. It is a sexual fetish of lodging yourself into objects, for example a wall or wood pile, or mattresses, and then wait for somebody to dislodge you.
Are you up for some slodging?
I don't know what that is.
The exact opposite of dislodging!

(Example taken from the comic strip)
by sharookhan May 06, 2016
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