Basicaly this is a slap with a cock... you can use that as a noun or a verb.
Two girls :
- did you have a great time last night with Brian?
- well yeah but now i have a real big headache...
- oh yeah i know that, did he slock you ?
- whooo the best slock ever...
by JulienL August 16, 2009
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(prison slang, combination of sock/lock) 1. n. A common prison weapon consisting often of one or more padlocks or combination locks placed in a sock, which is then used like a club to beat someone.
2. v.t./v.i. To beat (someone) in this manner.
Bubba took that slock of his and gave Pee Wee a beatdown.
by LtCmdrData August 27, 2006
A combination of slug and clock. Massively wild punch to the face.
If you don't stop playing "Friday" I'll freaking slock you
by Shridbad May 16, 2011
To slock: to give a slap, with the cock
if you're not nice, i'm going to slock your face hard !
by Captain Brieuc September 16, 2010
A Slap and a Sock
"Our kids are irritating us so much we just wanna slock em"
by Ladibugg069 February 25, 2010
A male slut also known as a slut with a cock.
That slock has five babies and four baby's mammas.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
A male slut, a combination of Slut and Jock.
He is such a slock, he slept with 12 girls last week.
by Double R January 04, 2006

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