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Suck my dick. First-person slang for give a blowjob
And slob my knob my girl did, causing me to bust a full load into her mouth.
by urban pervert February 16, 2003
61 13
Gettin' head.. a Blowjob.
How much to slob my knob?
by J. S. Alexander January 19, 2006
30 8
When another person licks and sucks your dick up & down,while swirling theirtongue around your big cock-head, (knob) covering it with spit(slob)
"yo!,bring your fuckin' ass over here and slob my knob! Yeah,wrap your fuckin' lips aroud my big fuckin' dick!"
by Titokf3 March 06, 2008
22 15
Valley girl-like way of saying hello.
Slob My Knob, how have you been these days?
by Cheriluvs10 March 06, 2014
1 0