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Suck my dick. First-person slang for give a blowjob
And slob my knob my girl did, causing me to bust a full load into her mouth.
by urban pervert February 16, 2003
Gettin' head.. a Blowjob.
How much to slob my knob?
by J. S. Alexander January 19, 2006
When another person licks and sucks your dick up & down,while swirling theirtongue around your big cock-head, (knob) covering it with spit(slob)
"yo!,bring your fuckin' ass over here and slob my knob! Yeah,wrap your fuckin' lips aroud my big fuckin' dick!"
by Titokf3 March 06, 2008
Valley girl-like way of saying hello.
Slob My Knob, how have you been these days?
by Cheriluvs10 March 06, 2014