A definitory title or word used to describe a person of close connection through unabashed comradeship.
When all else fails there is still The Slizz
by Topher February 12, 2004
Top Definition
a girl who engages in sexual acts with any guy she can, simply to gain popular importance in her cliques.
The local slizz Shauna, gave the senior a blumpkin in an attempt to better he social status.
by Jizzim Rollins November 24, 2003
a mischievous, impish prankster
That slizz is at it again, did you hear about the latest prank she pulled?
by lovelylemur January 15, 2012
the act of or looking like a slut
wow put some cloths on slizz
by thetrendsetter112 November 26, 2009
a slice of pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!
great party.. lets stop off for a slizz
by sosodefxxx September 27, 2006
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