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a mexican person that just doesnt look trustworthy. often dresses in rags and unkept, not uncommon for them to have mullets.
A slippery gypsy just stole all of my nacho's.
by Jesse_Steeze July 26, 2010
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A.K.A Ear Cream Pie.
When a male's penis ejaculates inside the ear of a female, male or other.

Often confused with the Nasal Cream Pie (Slippery Hipster).
The Slippery Gypsy often occurs on a Valentine's Day night when an expensive present is bought for the receiver of the Slippery Gypsy.
'Oh god, My boyfriend gave me the worst Slippery Gypsy last night and the semen in my ear is really dry, but its okay because he bought me a car for Valentine's Day'.
by PorkiePie March 15, 2012
A good dancer. Often found at parties, clubs or gigs where music is blaring.
Have you seen Emily dance before? Man, she is a real slippery gypsy.
by classicslang February 09, 2011

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