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when getting a woman doggy style on a linoleum floor; before she has an orgasim the man reaches down and screams "orf orf!" and proceeds to knock her hands out from under her, hitting her face on the floor.
she thought her floors were nice till I gave her the slippery seal.
by Clark, T April 20, 2006
49 9
Is when a kid named Dakota thinks he is going to be devirginized for the first time but doesnt realize that he has actually missed the vaginal area and slipped right between the thighs, and he still to this day doesnt know he is still a virgin xD
Did you hear about the slippery seal accident, its a little sad.
How small does your penis have to be to not realize your slippery sealing someone?
by dj-fiddler McFlux November 16, 2009
7 6
To be god of all things.
Holy shit did you see that!? He must be a slipperyseal.
by Young Jeeza February 28, 2008
1 4