Slipknot are fucking it!!!!!!!!!! the best heavy metal band ever!!! slipknot fucking rulez!!!!!!!!!!!
slipknot are my life and HIM are sammys life so get out here cos


by KEVZ N SAMMY April 01, 2004
I kind of like Slipknot, in fact i have 2 of their albums...But seeing dumbasses like you not even having the deacentcy to spell correctly to proove your point sickens me...Can't ANY of you spell/type?
"Most people I've met who listen to Slipknot are complete burn-outs/morons."
by Ross P. August 01, 2003
A really weird band. I like da guy wit the long nose(he probably uses it up the other band members asses)they wear masks and are fat...I see a new fashion line comin out here. I cood do there muziktho all u have to do is strum a guitar and scream into a mic at the top of ur lungs and bite a dogs head and ass off...not too hard....
Slipknot is a really fucked up band cuz they were born in a mans woom
by beezza May 23, 2003
The fucking best band in the whole fucking worl who deserve to be lover forever and yeah ROCK ON TO THE THE GOTHS AND PUNKS
Who fucking cares what the little preps think about them just long live SLIPKNOT
by goth/punk chickie May 12, 2003
For all the people who are like “screw slipknot and listen to children of bodom.” Let me TELL YOU SOMETHING! C.O.B’s lead singer sounds like a fag, who can’t sing on his life, who makes a attempt to scream. And why blame slipknot because they use percussion. Look at C.O.B with a stupid little keyboard trying to mimic them. How the hell is C.O.D is considered original metal? They sound like gothic freaks. Slipknot actually came from freakin America! Their singer will never sound like Corey, and Corey can sing and scream, and not just do a whiny scream through a whole song. Truth is people don’t want to listen to the same slayer, and Metallica songs over and over again, they are far more repetitive than slipknot. And of course some people have a life and don’t want to listen to black metal devil crap. It doesn’t matter if Slipknot is metal or nu-metal, they are Slipknot and will continue further down the line than those old death metal bands.
1. Slipknot isn’t death metal, black metal, etc. Or any type of stereotype metal

2. Slipknot is TALENTED! Let’s have you try and pull of their sound, 9 members doesn’t mean they can’t play, you try to coordinate this many people at a time for a song, let alone one song.

3. The masks aren’t for trying to pull off an ego; it is a form of expression for each member of the band.

4. They aren’t Satanists, and if you want more information, then look it up

5. They don’t give out an emo message trying to make you hurt yourself, the music’s purpose is to empower you

6. If you dislike them, then fine, but at least be respectful

7. If you think they suck since they are mainstream and too popular, let’s see how worthy all your little underground bands are. I’m sure they won’t ever reach at many concerts, fans, or credit as much as Slipknot has.
by slipknot-forever May 24, 2009
Shitty circus act that tries to pass itself off as a shitty metal band.
"Dude, you heard that new Slipknot cd?"
"Nah, I listen to real metal, like Slayer."
by mt77 January 01, 2009
Ok this is getting annoying, why can't all you slipknot haters go and fuck yourself, stop fuckin bashing slipknot alkright? I am a fan, I am not what that faggot "Priestandmaidenrule" don't you people get it? People have fuckin opinions you know! Dont bash peoples fans that is uncalled for, people saying slipknot is the bnest band on the planet, well of course we know you slipknot hating faggots are not going to agree, but it's THEIR opinion, if you have come to this site to fuckin bash bands on this site then you need to get a fuckin life, slipknot is NOT the best band on this planet, and yes there ARE better bands out there, what's your fuckin point? Not everything you listen to has to be fuckin popular, I listen to fuckin Opeth, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Slayer and more bands, are they better than Slipknot? Yes, but that doesn't mean shit, not every band you listen to has to be a draw on how good they are, I know the bands I have mentioned are better, so what? Why don't you anti slipknot faggots go kill yourself

Some faggot- Slipknot sucks, they are whorshipped by a bunch of 13 year olds blah blah blah

Me- Shut the fuck up and get a fuckin life
by The Clown November 09, 2005

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