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When you rub the head of your penis in a counter-clockwise motion with either a Slim Jim or a palm of Crisco.
Example 1:
Guy: who She totally gave him a Slimjob!
Guy 2: And aliens could come down and heal people
Guy: No... thats dumb.

Example 2:
Guy: Look at me play guitar
Girl: Lets get to the Slimjobs
Guy: No, i want to drown my angst in music...
by Drillbit314 May 24, 2009
n. the act of eating a Slim Jim out of someone's rectum; a portmanteau of Slim Jim and rimjob
Man, I totally gave that bitch a teriyaki slimjob.
by poopluvr369 October 11, 2010
The act of wrapping a slim jim around an erected cock, and then slowing eating if off.
Yo the asian slut Caitlin gave my boy Jim a mad slimjob last night.

She really knows how to mechanically separate that meat.
by CaitRape9 May 06, 2010