A very thin and wrinkly penis that comes in any size
did u seriously suck his slim jim?
by abester January 09, 2008
a long small skinny penis, a girthless penis
After brian bear slipped his slim jim in that mandy moore bitch's mahogony slide, he pulled out and mosbied on her back and then proceeded to give her a sunkin rowboat!!
by slimmy jimmy October 04, 2006
an un finished handjob.
yeah i gave him a slim jim so he didnt get it on my sheets.
by Kira Janus June 01, 2006
an unfinished handjob.
I gave him a Slim Jim so he didnt get it in my sheets.
by Kira Janus June 05, 2006
is an example for slim jim necessary?
by deseagle February 09, 2006
a man who's member resembles a piece of old rope
your dad has a slim jim
by SLEEM JEEM March 26, 2003

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