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A fat lazy person who has lack of physical activities
You are slime go out and get a life
by Vanenix July 11, 2008
(verb, transitive) to cum thoroughly all over someone's head and/or body

(From the 1984 film, Ghostbusters, in which a "slimer" ghost completely covers a character in a thick, viscous liquid)
Golly, Norbert and I really slimed that goop goblin at Paw Paw's ninety-fifth fucking birthday party!
The first creature you kill in Dragon Quest. Number 2 in GameInformer's list of most pathetic enemies. Why does it always smile with big bright eyes? "Probably because it delights in knowing you have to kill hundreds of them every time you start a new Dragon Quest."
Hahaha, slimes are so ridiculous and stupid.

Stop laughing damnit! I have to start a battle sequence for every single one of these and I am pissed about it!
by LWxxDark Wolf August 27, 2009
1. What comes out of you're TV set.

2. Conservative Christians

3. The Music Industry
I am the slime from the video oozing along on your living room floor

Rush Limbaugh is a slime ball piece of shit

I tried to get a record deal but the slimy cunt at Atlantic told me my music wasn't accessible.
by SocialMastery September 14, 2008
In prison, to throw your feces and urine at the officers that come to feed you.
I slimed officer Johnson because he pissed me off.
by Calikanforous December 26, 2007
to have sex
Aye mayne i slimed that trikk last night
by soicyb January 21, 2009
tell when something is cool ,gangster, or disrepective
yo that was slime kid!
what you did was slime!
by joseph suriano October 17, 2005