A mucus like substance that the Republican party is built out of.
There are many, many examples of Republican slimeballs.
by jesster79 March 13, 2005
Top Definition
something used when referring to a friend
Yo what up sliiiiiime!???

Chillin, suuuup main?
by Shaaarrrp February 19, 2005
Street Life Intelligence and Money is Everything
"Friends name" is my slime partner


What uppp sliiimme
by Lpatterson October 06, 2010
Street life intelligence money is everything. Started in Harlem,NY made popular by rapper Vado.
What's poppin slime?
by J-Smooth585 June 24, 2011
To cover something in a sticky subtance.

From the movie Ghostbusters.
We've got all this syrup, let's slime some people!
by AnimeDude360 November 04, 2006
It’s what happens while you're cornered, listening to some windbag spilling their guts or their entire boring life story and you can’t get away for reasons of politics (it’s your superior) or manners (trying to be polite).
As I was leaving work, that windbag, Trudy, slimed me with her entire life story!

That arrogant guy in the bar tonight sure slimed us with all his bogus stories about how many exotic cars he owns.

Honey, no one wants to hear that story again; don't slime us with it.
by Style Cop February 26, 2014
The abbreviation of 'Slimelight', the name of an alternative club in Elektrowerkz, Angel, Islington, London UK. The music played on the scene focuses around the gothic and alternative electronic / cyber music scene. Genres played include Industrial / EBM / Synthpop / Futurepop / Noize / Darkwave.

See 'Slimelight' for more.
"Are you going to Slimes this weekend?"
by Skarik June 06, 2007
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