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Your actions are so smooth that your slidin
Yo that kid a.volpe is slidin right now with those girls.
by avolpe April 02, 2008
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what a dude on his grind does. out at night hittin' licks(doin dirt for easy money) slidin with the cutties(cutthroats, partners) in the bucket(fucked up car). mob shit. slidin' is that getaway drivin', no tag havin', thumper with one in the chamber type o thing.
damn me n that nigga v-rock was slidin in the BM last night..hit a lick for a couple racks goin 18 gettin active yeeeee.

"im slidin' in the trap lexus..mobbin is the fetish
niggas speakin' on me got me puzzled like tetris.." nht boyz(chips black) - slidin'
by g-wiz tha heavyweight November 10, 2010
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Driving around, trying to find something to do.
Bruh, Im slidin' tonight. You wanna hit the strip club?
by ragsy111 November 20, 2012
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"Aye dude remember that girl carly " I use to be "slidin" with her
by Mikegonthaboards June 29, 2015
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