Having Sex in Second Life
You guys are so cute! Are you having Slex??
by Ken Juran July 10, 2008
Top Definition
To sleep and have sex intermittently.
Ugh, I've had such a hard week. I need a slex weekend.
by chasingsunshine77 February 15, 2010
somewhere between sex and sleep
we had slex all night
by bobfred June 19, 2003
Sloppy sex with two hobos in a tree. While a bird is watching.
The bird is tweet-tweeting while you are boom-booming.
Did you watch the slex in the park yesterday? So many birds were watching..
by Petulant Child April 09, 2010
1. n. From the combination of slut, or slutty, and sex. Usually associated with one night stands and easy women.

2. n. A half-anagram of Shag, Leave, sex (sometimes pronounced Shlex). This has also been attributed to Shag, Leave, Ex where people go back to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend for a one night stand.
1. Did you hear about Bob last night? He had slex with that girl from London.

2. Anything last night mate?
Oh just the usual shlex.

Tell me you didn't go back to Jane?
Yeah, but it was only shlex.
by Charlie_LLI April 03, 2006
Sex in a more slutty way than normal. This embodies sex with porn stars, slutty girls, or kinky/ S&M sex.
Did you hear that Tom had slex with Lisa?

I would totally have slex with Naomi.
by Jebediah & Gertrude April 06, 2007
sleepy sex: non-effectual sex.
agh...all I had from her last night was slex!.. man that bitch was stoned outta her skull!
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
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